Call for feedback: new HDF5 interface opens for public beta

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Call for feedback: new HDF5 interface opens for public beta

Haymo Kutschbach

Dear HDF5 Users,


After a closed beta phase the new ILNumerics HDF5 API is now open for the public (still beta though):


ILNumerics adds a convenient mathematical syntax to any .NET language. It provides sophisticated 3D visualizations and high performance execution of arbitrary custom algorithms. The HDF5 API completes our feature set by providing an OO-wrapper around the official HDF5 binaries and allowing for easier, yet efficient utilization from any .NET language. It also nicely integrates into Visual Studio. You are invited to download the beta package from this link:


… and to provide feedback on the API:


[hidden email]


An introductory video (or rather a short preview) is also available here:


We appreciate any feedback / suggestion! You still have the chance of helping us to improve the final API!


Thanks a lot! J


Haymo Kutschbach

CEO, ILNumerics GmbH


[hidden email]


ILNumerics GmbH

TU ACK 388

Ackerstraße 76

13355 Berlin


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