Error test h5dumpxml HDF5-1.8.17

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Error test h5dumpxml HDF5-1.8.17



I'm building HDF5-1.8.17 parallel with Intel MPI 5.0.1 (icc 15.0.1), szip 2.1 and zlib 1.2.8, but when i run the test h5dumpxml failed, this is the error message,

Testing h5dump --xml -u tempty.h5                                      PASSED
Testing h5dump --xml -X : tempty.h5                                   *FAILED*
    Expected result (*.xml) differs from actual result (*.out)
    *** ./testfiles/xml/tempty-nons.h5.xml    2016-08-05 22:22:46.000000000 -0500
    --- ./testfiles/xml/tempty-nons.h5.out    2016-08-05 22:23:00.000000000 -0500
    *** 1,176 ****
h5dumpxml tests failed with 1 errors.

Is it safe to ignore this error?

Thanks for your help


Daniel Ortiz Gutiérrez

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