Faster access of a row/column from *.h5 File

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Faster access of a row/column from *.h5 File

Hi All,

I have written *.h5 file using C++ HDF5 library. After that, I want to perform some queries on *.h5 file which will give me particular row from a file.

I have written a code which will traverse all rows and compare with each and every row and at the end, it gives me the result.

But this approach is sequential search and it is generating performance issue.

Here I am looking for random data fetching from *.h5.

Is there any better technique? and   How should I apply better technique?

H5 File Format:-

Inline image 1

Here what I want is access second row directly without traversing? 

Just like HashMap, which does in 0(1) time 

Sample code is very helpful here.


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