HDFql 1.2.0 Release

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HDFql 1.2.0 Release

HDFql Contact
Dear all,

We are happy to announce the release of HDFql 1.2.0! To feed community needs, a few priorities were
swapped to simplify our user license and start offering support of hyperslabs. We hope this comes as
exciting news!

This version includes:
  - Support of (regular) hyperslab functionalities
  - Support of extendible datasets
  - Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
  - Simplified user license
  - Updated reference manual
  - (Please check the release notes for further details)

What's next? HDFql 1.3.0 will be released soon - expect the following goodies:
  - Support of (irregular) hyperslab functionalities
  - Support of compound datatypes
  - Support of enumeration datatypes

For the latest on HDFql, you can follow us at twitter.com/hdfql

/ hdfql.com

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