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In the next week, The HDF Group will be rolling out several new resources, including a new HDF Forum to replace this mailing list. This mailing list will be shut down on February 21st, and all future posts should be directed to our new web forum at We will be using Discourse, a widely-used, open source platform. One of the big benefits of Discourse is that you can customize your interaction with the forum in a number of ways, including

§  - signing up for mailing list mode to receive every message as an email, 

§  - sending in posts and replying to posts by email, or 

§  - opting to not receive any posts by email, just visiting the web forum as needed. 

To register on the new forum, you need to have an account on our main site at If you haven't registered yet, please do so at, then visit the forum at and you should be ready to log in and participate. Your account has been migrated using the email address you have subscribed to this mailing list and will be connected to your previous hdf-forum posts when they are imported to the new forum. If you register with a different email address the accounts will not be linked up and your preferences will not be migrated.

Current hdf-forum users have been subscribed to the forum in mailing list mode, which you can easily change after you log in. We hope to have the digest feature implemented soon and will let you know when it's ready. Take a look at our quickstart guide ( for more information and how to set some of these preferences. Please feel free to reach out to [hidden email] if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

The HDF Group 


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