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Fredrik Orderud-3
Is there anyone on this mailing list that has experience with porting of HDF5 to WindowsCE?

As part of my PhD, I'm developing a video-tracking library for real-time 2D & 3D segmentation using deformable models. The models are constructed in Matlab, and exported to the library in a HDF5-based format, using the  "hdf5" and "hdf5_cpp" modules. Currently, the library runs on Windows 32/64 and Linux, but I would also want to want to port it to my new phone, which runs Windows mobile 6.1 (WindowsCE), so that I can do video-tracking in frames grabbed from the in-built camera.

My preliminary attempts to port HDF5 to WindowsCE has resulted in problems related to missing include files on the WindowsCE platform that cause compile errors (at least <sys/types.h> and <errno.h> are missing). Replacements for these missing headers will therefore have to be found in order to port the library. I am not that much into neither WindowsCE of HDF5 myself, so I would therefore greately appreciate to hear about any experience related to porting HDF5 to WindowsCE.

Thanks in advance,
Fredrik Orderud
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