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[hdf-forum] Q: list archives and java version?

Tito Ingargiola

Hi Quincey,

Thank you for your help!

I've downloaded the entire list history of 673 messages and have found plenty of posts of interest.  Thanks and regards,


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Hi Tito,

On Aug 25, 2008, at 9:07 AM, Tito Ingargiola wrote:

> Hi,
> I've recently been playing with both c and java versions of HDF5 and  
> have a number of questions.  Before I bore this list with questions  
> which have been answered before, I wonder: is there an archive of  
> this mailing list available somewhere which I could access?

    Unfortunately, we don't have archives of the mailing list on the web  
yet, but they are available through an e-mail interface.  Send mail to 'hdf-forum-help at hdfgroup.org
' for instructions on how to retrieve messages from the archive.

> I also notice that the latest Java version is ~10 months old and  
> doesn't track the latest version.  Is the java version still being  
> developed or has it been discontinued?  Are there significant  
> projects using the java interfaces or should it best be avoided?

Since the HDF library is written in C, that is the best interface if  
you want full features and functionality.  There are significant  
projects that use the wrapper interfaces we provide (Fortran, Java, C+
+), but the release of those versions often trails the C release, and  
the wrappers offer varying degrees of access to the full features of  
the library.

When a significant HDF5 library version comes out the release schedule  
of the wrappers varies depending on the amount of work required and  
our obligations to paying customers who rely on the wrappers.  For  
those language wrappers not currently fully funded, staff time may be  
diverted to other projects periodically, stretching the time to update  

For Java specifically, the 1.8 changes are significant, and we do not  
receive sufficient funding for the Java wrappers to devote staff to  
their maintenance on a full-time basis.  An update of the Java  
wrappers is in the works, but there is no estimated release date at  
this time.


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